The SAFE PIN is required by StaySafe App in order to confirm your identity when you are ending or extending a session, checking in, or cancelling your alerts. Using the Safe PIN ensures that it is you using StaySafe and not someone else.

The SAFE PIN consists of 4-digit combination of numbers unique to you and is not stored with StaySafe.

The first time you log in you will need to set a 4-digit Safe PIN. 

How to Change SAFE PIN?

If you already know your SAFE PIN but want to change it, this can simply be done by going to Settings on StaySafe App.

Once in Settings, you will have the option "Change SAFE PIN" at the top.

In order to change your PIN, you will need to first enter your existing SAFE PIN to confirm your identity then create a new one.

How to Reset SAFE PIN?

If you don't remember your existing SAFE PIN, you must delete/uninstall the App and reinstall it by going into App Store or PlayStore and re-downloading the StaySafe Business App. This will give you the opportunity to create a new SAFE PIN. 

If you don't remember your login details for this step please refer to 'Forgotten Login Details' article for further help.

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