In this article we aim to outline how you can connect your Garmin InReach devices for use with StaySafe.

Step 1) Connect your Garmin to Garmin Enterprise Portal
Step 2) Choosing your Airtime Plan
Step 3) InReach Portal Connect Set Up
Step 4) Device Management in StaySafe
Step 5) Device Configuration

Once you have completed these Steps, your Garmin should be connected to StaySafe and ready to use.

Step 1 - Connect your Garmin to the Garmin Enterprise Portal 

When you purchase your Garmin InReach, you need to register the device with Garmin and choose the right airtime package for your needs. There are two types of Plans: Professional Plans and Consumer Plans. to connect your Garmin to StaySafe, we require you to have one of the Professional Plans, the integration will not work without this type of plan.

To create an Enterprise account, go to:

Here is a link to the InReach Professional Manual that Garmin maintains with up to date guidance on getting started.

Once you have created an account, Garmin will guide you on how to connect you device(s) and choose the right Airtime plan for you. 

If you are trying to add multiple devices at once, Garmin have the ability to Bulk upload devices to your account. To do this contact:

Step 2 - Choosing your Airtime Plan 

Pricing in AUD$ as of May 2019, Find pricing for you country here

Garmin offer 4 different Professional Airtime Plans, you should choose the plan that most fits your requirements and functionality you wish to use, each InReach device you have will require its own Plan.

In most cases the Advanced Plan is going to be sufficient for most use cases, you should discuss this with either your StaySafe or Garmin representative.

Note: If you are planning to use the InReach seasonally or infrequently, you can "suspend" the Plan's when they are not in use.  

Step 3 - InReach Portal Connect (IPC) Set Up

The InReach Portal Connect is the API that allows the Garmin Device to communicate with StaySafe.

On the Enterprise Portal, go to "Settings", then "Portal Connect"

This is the configuration you need:

Enable "Outbound Settings"
Outbound Type: JSON_V2

Step 4 - Device Management in StaySafe

Once you have configured the IPC, you need to head over to the StaySafe Hub and go to your "Devices" tab. If you don't see this tab contact your StaySafe Rep about enabling this feature for you. 

Once there, you need to add your InReach Device(s) to StaySafe. To do so, you will need:

Device IMEI Number
Device Alias
Device Phone number (optional) - learn more here 

Note: you can find the IMEI number of each device on the enterprise portal or under settings on the device.

You can also assign the device to a User on StaySafe, so you can link the device to a particular user. This helps with identifying who is using the device on the Map screen.

Step 5) Device Configuration

Once Step 4 is completed, the InReach Devices are ready to be used with StaySafe. However, there are some device Configurations that we would recommend that you consider before providing the InReach Device(s) to your Lone Workers.

  • Response Procedures

As part of your Professional Plan, response to alarms is provided by a 3rd party response agency and is enabled by default. If you do not want this service, then you must follow this guidance from Garmin

"Professional accounts also have the option to respond directly to an SOS from a user within their account. When
an SOS has been issued from an inReach device, the organization’s specified contacts are notified with the device’s
current location and SOS text message. This option requires a waiver to be signed. Contact the Garmin Professional
Sales Team for the waiver and more information"

  • Tracking Intervals

This is the frequency at which your InReach(s) will communicate their location to StaySafe. The minimum intervals will be decided by your Plan, however changing these may save some costs if you are using the "Basic" Plan.

  • Pre-populated SMS 

This is a really useful thing to do to help your Lone Workers, particularly if they need to communicate quickly if they are in trouble. 

  • Contacts

A great way to help your Lone Workers as it is quicker to set up these contacts in advance.

  • Mapping & Weather Updates

The InReach devices provide lots of useful mapping, navigation and weather features that you might want to consider using. If you are planning on using these features, its best to make sure they are set up in the way you would like before they are given to your Lone Workers.

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