This article will provide you guidance on how the Discreet Panic works and how can you trigger it. 

Please note, this functionality is only available on Android. 

What is Discreet Panic?

Discreet Panic allows you to trigger a panic alert discreetly via pressing the power button on your phone. 

StaySafe App does not need to be running for this to work.

You can switch this functionality on by going to your Settings on your StaySafe App. In order for this functionality to work successfully, make sure both Discreet Panic and Ignore if call in progress is switched on.

How does it work?

In order to trigger a Discreet Panic, click the power button on the side of your phone 4 times with a second delay between presses to initiate a Panic. 

If the Discreet Panic is triggered successfully, then your phone will vibrate quickly three times to confirm. 

If it fails to trigger, your phone will vibrate continuously for two seconds.

Please note that having Discreet Panic enabled can sometimes cause accidental Panic Alerts. To find out more, have a look at this article

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