This article will provide you with a brief guide on what permissions are necessary for StaySafe to work well. 

If you deny any of these permissions, the functionality that depends  upon it will not be available.

StaySafe requires permission for the below;

  • Location
  • SMS
  • Telephone

Why does StaySafe need these permissions?

Your location data is necessary for updating your location on the StaySafe Hub. This will help the Administrators to locate the users in trouble and provide assistance quickly.

Your location will only be shared with the Hub when you are running an active session or triggered an alert.

When you are in a low signal area and trigger an alert, StaySafe can still share your info with the hub via using SMS therefore users are recommended to give permissions for StaySafe to send SMS to the Hub.

If switched on, StaySafe can automatically establish a call in the event of an emergency such as when the Panic alarm has been triggered. This requires your permission to make phone calls.

How to set your Permissions?

When you first log in to your StaySafe App, the App will ask you for permissions given to, using your location, send SMS and make phone calls.

In order to change these settings after your first login, just go to your device Settings, then click on Apps and head to StaySafe. You can amend your permissions under the Permission tab. 

Your StaySafe permissions page should look like below; 

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