If you are reading this article, you have most likely been invited to try out StaySafe but you are not quite sure what to do during the trial. We thought we put together some ideas for how you and your team can get the best out of the trial. 

Note: If your organisation has a predetermined test plan for your trial, you should ignore the below and stick to your test plan.

1. Get Familiar with the App

Once you have downloaded the App, we recommend that you configure the system in a way that suits you best and then get to know the system. Press each button to see what it does and refer to the material we provide when you arn't sure whats going on. 

Once you are familiar with how StaySafe works, start to apply it to how you would use it when you are Lone Working. If you normally spend the majority of the day alone, then use the App all day.

2. Sessions

The Session is a Key component to how StaySafe works, try it out and then see how you might use it when you are actually Lone Working.

During a session, try the check in functionality. While you are there, why not miss wait to hear what Check-in warning sounds StaySafe plays when your check in is coming up? 

Remember, StaySafe uses phone signal to communicate throughout your session. How does this impact how you use StaySafe?

More information on Sessions here 

3. Alerts

StaySafe has various alerts that can be used in different scenarios. Identify which ones to set up (some of these are done for you) and understand how to trigger each of them. 

  • Missed Check-In
  • Session Expired
  • Low Battery
  • Non-Movement
  • Duress
  • Panic

Here are some ideas to test each one: 

  • When you are in a session, ignore your Check-in reminders and do not check-in. When you fail to check-in, this will trigger a Missed Check-in alert.
  • Start a short session of 5-10 minutes and let it run until the end of the chosen time ignoring any notifications. When your session comes to an end without your confirmation, this will trigger a Session Expired alert.
  • Turn on Non-Movement from your App settings and start a session! Make sure you do not move your phone for 10 minutes and this will eventually trigger a Non-Movement alert.
  • Whether in a session or not, you can trigger a Panic alert via clicking the red Panic button on your App.

More information on Alerts here 

4. Try it on a work day!

Once you are comfortable with the functionality, let's put it to a real-life test. 

If you are Lone Working today, why not start a session and see the benefits it will bring you. 

If you need any guidance or support, please contact our team at support@staysafeapp.com 

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