This article will provide a brief understanding of the StaySafe Hub reporting. 

StaySafe Hub provides variety of reports for Administrators and Monitors to view past sessions, alerts triggered, etc. 

In this article, we will be covering Standard Report. This report provides you with the following; 

  • Active vs Inactive Users
  • Alert Count
  • Session Count by User
  • Alert Count by User

This report gives the ability to Administrators and Monitors to view how many specific users started sessions, checked in, and triggered alerts. You can also view how many specific alerts have been triggered and find out which users are inactive.

How to access Standard Reports?

In order to access this report, log in to your StaySafe Hub, and head over to your Settings via clicking the Settings Cog at the bottom right corner.

Then click on Reports at the top of the screen and scroll down to Standard Report. 

To choose the time period, click on the dropdown menu and choose either from a pre-set time fields or feel free to choose your custom time period via Custom.

Once you choose your time period, click Apply and then click Run Report.

You will now see the report for the time period you have selected. You also have the ability to Export this data individually via clicking Export: CSV on the top right corner.

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