Administrators and Monitors have the ability to view the past sessions on the StaySafe Hub.

Quickly view the Recently Ended Sessions

In order to access the Past Sessions, log in to your Hub and click on the Paper icon on the left hand side. (shown below)

Once you access the Past Sessions page, you will then be able to view the Recently Ended Sessions. You can view the route the specific user has taken within that session via clicking "View Route". 

This will show you when this user started their session, checked in, extended and ended their session. If any alerts were raised during that session, you can see these as well. 

You can also scroll down and access Past Sessions by user.

View All the Past Sessions

If you are looking to view all the Past Sessions from the beginning, then click on "Settings" on the left bottom corner on your Hub. 

Then go to "Reports", scroll down to Sessions Report. From this page, you can access all the historical past sessions via choosing your time period. 

To choose the time period, click on the dropdown menu and choose either from a pre-set time fields or feel free to choose your custom time period via Custom.

Once you choose your time period, click Apply and then click Run Report. You will now see all the sessions from chosen time period with the ability to view their route and session details by clicking their Session ID.

You also have the ability to Export this data via clicking Export: CSV on the top right corner.

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