StaySafe will send you audible warnings when your session is due to Expire and when a Check-in is coming up, which helps to prevent you from missing your Check-In's. This Article will help you to troubleshoot why you may not be receiving these warnings.

Step 1. Check you have Audible Warnings enabled

To do this, open StaySafe and go to "Settings" and scroll down to Audible Alert Settings.

Once here, ensure that you have Audible Alerts switched ON. 

Step 2. Choose the right Alert Tone

StaySafe has added a number of different Alert Tones for you to choose from, sometimes you might be getting the Audible Warnings but the environment you are in prevents you from hearing the sound. If this is the case, choose the Escalating or Intrusive Tone.

Tip: You can listen to these tones by clicking on each of them!

Step 3. Configure your Notification Settings

When you set up the App, it is important to allow notifications. However, you can always go back and check/configure notification settings. 

In order to configure your notification settings, go to System Preferences on your Apple iOS device, click Notifications and scroll down to StaySafe.

Once here, make sure Allow Notifications and Sound are switched on. Also make sure to turn check all type of alerts including Lock Screen, Notification Centre and Banners in order to get Audible Alerts pop up on your device.

Step 4. Force Closing Background Apps

Apple iOS devices has the feature to force quite applications that are running in the background on your device. 

Android introduced a feature that allows you to "Force close" or "Force Quit" App's that are running in the background on your phone. On some version's of Android we can ensure the App stays open in the background so you get Alerts from us.

On newer versions of Android, you may still be able to Force close StaySafe in the background. If you Force Close StaySafe we will be unable to send you Audible Alerts.

If you are unsure what force closing background App's means, it is when you double click your home button (swipe up on iPhone X/Xs/XR) and swipe up the applications to close them.

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