When a Remote Worker triggers an alert, the Monitors and Administrators can get notified via several ways including Email and/or SMS. 

The SMS notifications generally includes the name of the Remote Worker who triggered the alert, type of alert, their contact details including their location with a link to log in to your Hub instantly.

For example an SMS notification will look like;

StaySafe Panic Alert for John Smith. Contact +447771234567. 
Location 51.5007292, -0.1268141. Login at www.myhub.staysafeapp.com

On the other hand, an Email notification will look like;

Dear Andrew,

John Smith has triggered a StaySafe Panic Alert.

They wanted to let you know that they might be in trouble and need your help.

You can see their location information at www.myhub.staysafeapp.com


Event Details:

- User's Name: John Smith

- User's Telephone: 447771234567

- User's Organisation: My Hub (myhub)

- Event Type: Panic

- Event Date: 18/02/2019 (BST)

- Event Time: 09:40 (BST)

- Hub URL: https://myhub.staysafeapp.com

Would you like to manage your Email & SMS notifications, have a look at this article to find out how!

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