This article provides a brief guide on how to manage a License on your StaySafe Hub. 

You have the ability to assign, unassign or edit Licenses on your Hub. This functionality is useful when users are leaving or joining your organization and in some cases, when you need to edit their details on the Hub.

Step 1: Assign a License

In order to assign a license, log in to your Hub, and go to "Settings" on the left bottom corner. Once in Settings, click on "Users" tab at the top. 

To add a new user, click "Add New User". 

Once you add their contact details, choose a User Type from the drop-down menu, and make sure you click "Send this user an email with their login details" in order to send them their login details via Email. 

Find out more on different user types.

Then press "Create User".

Step 2: Edit a License

If you would like to edit a License that is on the Hub, repeat the above steps and access the "Users" list on your StaySafe Hub. 

Within the list of users, every user has the below two icons at the end of their name.

In order to edit the details of a user, click on the first icon with pencil. This will bring up all the current user details where you can change and even reset their password if required. Once you finished editing, click "Save".

Step 3: Unassign a License

In order to unassign a License from StaySafe, click the red cross icon at the end of the specific user's name.

To avoid errors, a pop-up window will appear to confirm - once confirmed, the user is removed.

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