This article provides a brief guide on how to schedule reports either hourly/daily/weekly/monthly. 

Scheduled Reports provides you the ability to receive usage reports straight to your inbox and be able to review it without the hassle of logging in to your Hub. It is also useful if you would like to share frequent updates to management - who do not have access to Hub - on how is your team using StaySafe app.

In order to be able receive scheduled reports straight to your inbox, log in to your StaySafe Hub, go to "Settings" on the left bottom corner. 

Once in Settings, click on the "Reports" tab at the top of the screen and scroll down to Scheduled Reports.

You can then select the frequency which you would like to receive these reports either hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Then enter in the email addresses of each recipients separated by a semi-colon. Finally, check the Enabled box  and click Save. 

You can always go back and customize the frequency and edit the recipients whenever you need.

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