This article provides a brief guide on how to configure audible alerts for lone workers from the StaySafe hub. “Administrators” have access to all aspects of the solution and can effectively manage settings for lone workers, including audible alerts. 

The purpose of audible alerts is to remind employees to check-in or end a session 10 minutes before an action is due, in order to prevent false alerts.

You are able to configure audible alerts to be less or more intrusive depending on your way of working. 

How to configure audible alerts

In order to configure this setting, please log into the StaySafe hub and access the back-end by clicking on the cogwheel on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. 

Once there, click on the “Settings” tab on the top of your screen, navigate to “Audible Alerts for Apps” and follow the steps below:

  1. Check the “Configure from Hub” box
  2. Choose the Alert Sound – Subtle, Intrusive or Escalating
  3. Check “Allow User Override”
  4. Check “Override Device Volume”

The short video below will show you how to configure this setting. 

What do the different alert sound options mean?

Subtle: A subtle alert will emit a quieter sound from the app
Intrusive: An intrusive alarm will be much louder to ensure your employees hear it
Escalating: Escalating alerts will start of quiet and rise in volume 

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