Voice notifications allow alerts to be received by either a Monitor or Administrator in the form of a phone call - providing a robust and reliable way of ensuring that notifications are not missed. 

How does it work?

Voice notifications can be set up for any of the following events/alerts performed on the App;

  • Panic
  • Duress
  • Non Movement
  • Session Expired
  • Missed Check-In 
  • Low Battery
  • Session Started
  • Session Extended
  • Session Check-In

A single or multiple phone numbers can be set up to receive notifications for any of the above alerts. When an alert is triggered by a Lone Worker, each phone number will be called in sequence until the phone call is answered and acknowledged by the receiver or all of the iterations have been completed.

If the system detects an answering machine, the call will be ended and the next phone number in the sequence will be called. 

The call will inform you of the alert triggered and who triggered it. The system will provide you with two options either to acknowledge the call or hang up. If you choose to acknowledge, the process will be stopped and the next number will not be called. However, if you hang up/do not answer, it will carry on calling the next number.

Is there an additional charge for this feature?

Yes. There is a small charge to cover the charges StaySafe accrues through making phone calls. For further details, please contact your Account Manager.

Can I still receive SMS and Email Notifications?

Yes. SMS and Email notifications can be set up separately to be received by the same or different contacts. 

If you need further assistance with setting this up or getting access to this feature, please contact us at support@staysafeapp.com 

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