Your StaySafe App has two distinct PINs; SAFE PIN and Duress PIN. While SAFE PIN provides a way of confirming your identity when ending sessions or checking in; the Duress PIN gives you the ability to trigger a discreet Panic alert called DURESS

In brief, Duress is a discreet PANIC alarm and can only be triggered by entering your Duress PIN when asked for SAFE PIN.

How to Set/Change Duress PIN

Setting up a Duress PIN is optional, but is required if your ever wish to send a Duress Alert. Your Duress PIN must be different than your SAFE PIN. 

In order to set up your Duress Alert, go to your App and head to "Settings". You should have the option as either "Set Duress PIN" or "Change Duress PIN" depending on whether you have set it before. 

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